Time for Beverly to make some decisions!

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 There are three projects hovering over Beverly tax payers heads with limited or no resolutions.  All three could impact different areas of the City in major ways and two it seems, have cost  the tax payers dearly already.

 In recent articles and a letter to the editor of the  Salem News, Mayor Rejects McKay School  Offers, Beverly needs to move on Waterfront Plan, and Fate of proposed plaza uncertain it is plain to see that time does’t heal all wounds.  In fact it appears that multiple offers, special elections and years of court battles and added costs, we are right back to where we started from on all three projects.

Rather than play the political blame game, my bigger concern as a local Realtor is what effect these projects are going to have on the property values in the three neighborhoods while these issues continue to work themselves out.

 I have sat down and met with people concerned in the Brimbal Ave area weighing their options of selling now or waiting to see the true impact. The major problem is that with the latest turn of events, the final projects and plans are more confusing than ever.

The latest rejected proposals for the former McKay School (of which I am a proud Alum!) range from condos to apartments to 13 single family homes!

The Black Cow project on the waterfront has the least effect on a residential area, but depending on what the surrounding properties try to develop if the Designated Port Area restrictions are lifted for the entire area.

I understand the need to be thoughtful and prudent but with most of these projects at or over 10 years in the making, its time for the City to make a decision and let these areas know what obsticles they will or will not have to face.

Please Comment with your thoughts on the best uses of these areas and how they will effect the neighborhoods and direct your political views to another suitable blog. Thanks in advance.

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